Posthumous songs/albums – school presentaion

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1 on September 30, 2021

Hey 2pac fans!

I am doing a school presentation about posthumous songs/albums. I am going to talk about the ethical issues about posthumous songs/albums. So i want to ask a question to all 2pac fans. Is the posthumous songs/albums from 2pac ethical right and okay to release. Why/why not? if not why are you listening to it?

I hope you all will give an answer to this so i can make my presentation really good

best regards

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0 on October 3, 2021

‘Pac said (you can hear that even in Resurrection movie), that was why he made like 3 songs per day, if he will die, his music still can live and continue. I don’t think he would 100% agree with stuff that is Estate doing nowadays, but posthumous albums as themselves wouldn’t be against 2Pac’s moral code.

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